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Double Dragon Lanzhou Lamian

Double Dragon 是一家以外送形式經營的正宗蘭州拉麵品牌,主要分佈於歐洲市場。其專注於正宗北方風味的蘭州拉麵,並開發多元種類肉品、麵條、湯頭等風味麵食料理。正宗蘭州拉麵來至中國百年歷史的傳統麵食,“湯鏡者清、肉爛者香、面細者精”為其獨特風味,其中最大特色為現場手工製麵,現點現做。因傳統蘭州拉麵並沒有像日式拉麵鮮明印象,因此我們的任務目標是為品牌創建傳達獨特的氛圍。設計靈感來至中國武俠、龍及古建築屋脊印象。整體品牌形象以武俠、龍及屋脊等中式元素,營造出正宗蘭州拉麵麵食特色,運用「武俠」與「龍」相互過招的趣味性,巧妙結合師傅現場製麵的功夫技法,並將中式古建築「屋脊」造型巧妙結合「吃麵」意象,增加品牌故事及形象特色。

Double Dragon is an authentic Lanzhou lamian brand operating in the form of delivery, mainly distributed in the European market. It focuses on authentic northern-style Lanzhou lamian, developing a variety of meat, noodles, broth and other flavored noodle dishes.  Authentic Lanzhou ramen noodles come from a century-old traditional noodle dish in China. It features soup clear as a mirror, beef tender and savory, and noodles soft and chewy. One of the biggest features is the on-site handmade noodles, made to order.  Because traditional Lanzhou lamian do not have a distinct impression like Japanese ramen, our goal aims to create and communicate a unique atmosphere for the brand.  The inspiration of design comes from the impression of Chinese Martial Arts, dragons and the ridges of ancient architecture. The characteristics of authentic Lanzhou lamian are created for the overall brand image by using Chinese elements such as Martial Arts, dragons and ridges. I use the fun of "Martial Arts" and "dragons" contesting against each other, cleverly combining the skills of the master's on-site noodle making. The "ridge" shape of the ancient Chinese architecture is ingeniously integrated with the image of "eating noodles" to increase the brand story and image characteristics.

客戶 Client : 

Double Dragon, Central Kitchen

服務項目 Project Services :  


Brand Identity Design


Packaging Design

Creative Director : Zi Huai Shen /

Designer: Zi Huai Shen, Yu Hsuan Liu

Year: 2021

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