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果萃FRUIT ESSENCE 選自大地新鮮優質蔬果,此產品特色採用酵素液發酵,對人體豐富的營養好菌完整封存,有別於一般未發酵果乾,擁有清甜嚼勁的好口感。品牌規劃以「好山好水好果農」和「豐富蔬果好鮮甜」兩種概念,創造出不同的主題策略,並精準切入市場面,使產品的品牌和包裝呈現多樣貌。「好山好水好果農」-運用文人風格和親切插畫手法,展現純樸的果農和果園意象。「豐富蔬果好鮮甜」-以連續排列與方形水果插畫,表現蔬果豐富多彩和視覺的趣味性。

We select the fresh fruits and vegetables from the earth. The feature of FRUIT ESSENCE is enzyme fermentation to keep good bacteria in the gut of human body. Different from the conventional unfermented dried fruit, FRUIT ESSENCE brings you its distinct aroma, sweet taste and quite chewing. We use 2 concepts of both “Good Landscape, Good Fruit Farmers” and “Dish with Sweet Fruit and Vegetables” to create different motif strategies and to bring our products into the market to the multi-dimensional advantages of our brand and packaging. For “Good Landscape, Good Fruit Farmers,”we adopt the literacy style and friendly illustration to present the image of humble fruit farmers and fruit garden; for “Dish with Sweet Fruit and Vegetables,” we adopt the continuous decimal and illustration of square fruits to convey the colorful fruits and vegetables and funny visual effects.

客戶 Client : 

Creative Director : Zi Huai Shen / Designer : Zi Huai Shen


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Packaging Design

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