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外婆薑的品牌標誌是以年輕時期的外婆為主要造型,運用復古的懷舊時光搭配現代的手繪風格,宛若進入時光隧道,不僅讓人置身於民國初年的意境,更融入古典樸實的淡雅,並賦予了現代新穎的品牌風貌。運用旗袍襯托出外婆穠纖合度的身型,表現出黑糖薑母茶蘊含著古老的保養智慧,是外婆年輕時期的保養秘方,並將古老的保養秘方傳承下一代,讓現代人也能品味出純手工的古老手藝,慢慢滋生出一種好心境。那水墨漸淡瓦愣紙裡的暈染,是柴火雨巷石道上迷戀裡的薑香, 幽幽飄散在時光深處。運用復古懷舊的植物纖維瓦愣紙,韻育出古典風情。

The brand Logo of Grandma ginger is grandmother of her youth as the main model style. Best served with the good old days and the modern hand painting as if we walk backwards in the tunnel of time. It not only place oneself in the Initial Stage of the Republic of China but also integrate it into the classical and simple elegance. Our design grants a modern and new brand style. Cheongsam set the well-proportioned figure of grandmother off to express the ancient skincare wisdom embodied in brown sugar ginger tea. As the skin care secret of grandmother at her young period, she would like to pass the said skin care secret on to the next generation. Furthermore, it is the ancient crafts for the modern man to taste the pure handmade taste to gradually put you in a good mood. Ink mottling in the corrugating paper, charming fragrant gingers on the rainy rock road full with firewood waft through the air as time goes by. We use the traditional corrugating paper rich in vegetable fiber to breed the classic impression.

客戶 Client : 

Creative Director : Zi Huai Shen / Designer : Zi Huai Shen

Year :  2016


服務項目 Project Services :  

Brand Strategy Development
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design

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