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“Hanamikoji” in Kyoto, Japan is the overall image identity. We adopt the antique Japanese “wood lattice” to represent the brand via combining the implication of beautiful and delicate style of Kyoto and the exquisite technique in Tainan to highlight the common strong cultural connotation and hospitality. To highlight the impression of softness and comfortableness of our handmade shoes, the designer adds the frame of soft rim outside the image of “flower” to convey the kindness and smooth of the overall brand identity and the comfortableness of our product. The logotype design of Hanamikoji adopts the graceful posture of the Japanese Geisha on the stone road in Kyoto. The image of “road” which we design according to the typography design of “road” not only is rich in the cultural connotation of downshifting tempo but also is conveying our philosophy to the non-stop forward moving of the brand operating and management to represent the endless and sustainable developmental enterprising spirits of Hanamikoji. Such brand image which probes into the integration plane and packaging design successfully enters the renowned cultural and creative industry in Taiwan as well as both the oldest and the latest creative arts department stores in Taiwan: “Eslite Spectrum” and “Hayashi Department Store.”

客戶 Client : 

Creative Director : Zi Huai Shen / Designer : Zi Huai Shen


服務項目 Project Services :  

Brand Strategy Development
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design

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