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融合是融化匯合,合成一體的過程。正是HLOIPNEE創辦人對產品堅持與環境關懷結合的一種信念。子淮設計在英文品牌命中取創辦人 Celine 之 line。“line”代表著創辦人初衷思想與象徵希望的字“hope”合字,重新創造品牌名“HLOIPNEE”。不但體現創辦人對品牌初衷的堅持,更秉持創造高品質、關愛環境的產品陪伴消費者。也代表HLOIPNEE對未來有正向與關愛環境的決心。而光點與字母融合的識別標誌,象徵心靈之光引領品牌向前及不斷創新提升,並帶給消費者享受美好香氛品味與沉淨心靈放鬆的產品。

Fusion is a process of melting, combining and then integrating in one. It is a belief of the founder of HLOIPNEE that combines the insistence on the product and care for the environment. In designing English name of the brand, Sump Design combines “line” of Celine, the English name of the founder, which represents the initial thought of the founder and “hope” which symbolizes the hope, and then creates the brand name of “HLOIPNEE”. It not only embodies the insistence of the founder on the initial intention of the brand, but also upholds the creation of products of high quality and with care of environment to accompany consumers. It also represents the determination of HLOIPNEE on positive and caring environment in the future. The identification logo combining light spots and letters symbolizes that the light of spirit leads the brand forward, continuous innovation and advance, and let consumers enjoy the products that have perfect fragrance tastes and purify spirit leading to relax.

客戶 Client : 

Creative Director : Zi Huai Shen / Designer : Zi Huai Shen

Year :  2017

點亮光芒股份有限公司 HLOIPNEE CO., LTD.

服務項目 Project Services :  


​Chinese and English naming


Brand Strategy Development
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design

義大利A' Design設計獎, A' Design Award
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