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Swan is always a symbol of purity and loyalty. In ancient times, swans are also known as large birds, we usually describe one's far-reaching aspiration as “the ambition of a swan”. It is obvious that swans suggest be of great importance for the philosophy of the brand to further imply that spirits of both “purity” and “loyalty” of swans to symbolize the great ambition of a brand. SUMP DESIGN combines a round water drop and holy candle light to convey the image of “swan” as the brand identity logo. It not only conveys the image of “Kindness” and “Holiness” but also inspires the constant development of the brand through the splendid candle lights to further highlights the positive ambitions of Puretey.  The identity logo of a head high swan symbolizes the core of the brand are enhancement and constant innovation to offer the most sincere and best products to their customers. Its round and flowing water drop stands for the holy water inspiring the brand and shows the kindness to the customers to meet with the standard of product category and to represent the spirits of “Love Start, Contribute to the society” of Puretey. The visual effect of rotating candle light expresses the continuous production of various high quality products of Puretey  to expand the brand scale to convey both the International perspective and philosophy of holy and brightness to stress that the great and positive influence of Puretey upon the modern society.  

客戶 Client : 

Creative Director : Zi Huai Shen / Designer : Zi Huai Shen

Year :  2016

成說科技有限公司 COMPAN-TEK CO., LTD.

服務項目 Project Services :  


​Chinese and English naming


Brand Strategy Development


Brand archives planning
Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design

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