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回歸本味 | 純粹無香  Original Aroma | Purely Unscented

綠果以專業手工皂起家,至今已成立7年多,產品多樣多元、固定的忠實客戶群,目前品牌及包裝形象缺乏明確識別與系統化,定位不明與市場競品差異不大。因此我們以「回歸本味-純粹無香」重新定位品牌策略,並協助客戶從品牌整合至包裝。品牌識別標識是以英文名稱Green Conut字首「G」與「C」結合而成基本造型。葉子表現出品牌「回歸本味 - 純粹無香」的精神,其識別標誌含有旋轉箭頭的視覺效果,隱喻品牌對於自然「生態循環」的重視,賦原了自然最原始的能量,喚起了對自然的景仰,代表綠果品牌「永續經營、生生不息」,並且不斷循環擴大。輔助圖形以豐富的自然植物為主,環繞著品牌識別標誌「G」,各類植物向上蔓延生長,表現出綠果企業「蓬勃發展、旭日東昇」之意象。並延伸至多元產品包裝並與系列產品特色結合,創造符合產品屬性與識別一致性的形象視覺。而品牌主色系為綠色,綠色代表清新、健康、自然、永續、賦原與歸真。並將「回歸本味-純粹無香」貫徹於整體綠果新的品牌形象裡,同時也以此概念出發,打造了GREEN CONUT 品牌整體新的樣貌。

Green Conut was first established as a professional handmade soap supplier. It has been more than seven years since founded. Its products are diversified and have a loyal customer base. However, its brand and packaging lack a clear identification and systematization. Therefore, we have developed a brand strategy based on the slogan--"Original Aroma - Nature Unscented" to assist them in brand integration and packaging. The brand identification of Green Conut is based on the combination of the initials of Green and Conut, "G" and "C". The leaves exhibit the spirit of “original aroma" and "purely unscented". The identification mark contains the visual effects of rotating arrows, implying that the brand's emphasis on nature's "ecological cycle" has created the most primitive energy. It evokes the admiration of nature and represents the heart and soul of Green Conut - “sustainable management and continuous growth,” which is constantly circulating and expanding. The auxiliary graphics mainly consist of natural plants, surrounded by the brand emblem, “G”. All kinds of plants are growing upward, showing the image of “fruitful development and sunrise”. Green Conut has extended to multiple product packaging and incorporated with the characteristics of each series of products to create visual image in line with product attributes and identity consistency.  The predominant color of brand identity for Green Conut is green to symbolize freshness, health, nature, sustainability, endowment and returning to innocence. We convey the spirits of “Original Aroma -Purely Unscented” into the grand new brand image of Green Conut and further create new look of Green Conut where the concept of Original Aroma -Nature Unscented may originally come from. 

客戶 Client : 

Creative Director : Zi Huai Shen / Designer : Zi Huai Shen

Year :  2018


服務項目 Project Services :  


Brand Strategy Development


Brand Identity Design


Packaging Design


Web Design
義大利A' Design設計獎, A' Design Award
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